How A Fingerprint Recognition Attendance System Works

Fingerprint-2xA fingerprint-recognition system is a biometric technology system wherein attendance is guaranteed with a single scan of the fingers. In present days, not only is physical thievery a dangerous crime but with the onset of internet, identity thefts, credit card frauds are common thefts.

The use of biometric technology is on a rescue mission to counter these security threats. Biometrics not only ensures security but also guarantees a human that he/she can sleep well if their belongings are governed by this technology. A major application of biometrics that comes in handy in almost every institution be-it government or private is The Fingerprint-recognition Attendance System.

What is a fingerprint-recognition attendance system?

A Biometric device such as finger scanner consists of –

(a) A scanning device

(b) Software that converts scanned information into digital and compares match points

(c) A database that stores the biometric data for comparison

To prevent identity thefts, the data encrypts as soon as gathered. To convert the biometric input, a software application uses specific point identification of data as match points. These

Display Eye Catching Content With a Video Wall

unduhan (44)It’s tough to impress today’s audiences-everything must be bigger, brighter, and bolder. The best way to catch audiences’ attention is to capitalize on the latest technologies that allow you to display vivid, eye-catching content sure to captivate any viewer. How can you accomplish this? The solution is a video wall installation.

What Is a Video Wall?

A video wall is a display using multiple screens. This allows users to create larger images by using all of the screens together or stream different content to each screen individually. Sometimes one screen isn’t enough, and using one extra-large screen can be extremely expensive. That’s why using an installation with multiple screens is a more customizable, dynamic, and cost-effective solution for all of your content.

This type of display will come in handy in a variety of environments, and this technology is currently in high demand. In today’s forward-thinking world, there is an increasing interest in bright multimedia content, which is possible to show anywhere thanks to advancements in flat-screen technology, higher screen resolutions, and new innovations in Pro A/V manufacturing.

Do You Need a Video Wall?

There are plenty of reasons you might need one. Multi-screen displays are

Video Wall Controllers and Other AV Technology Becoming More User Friendly

videowall1Have you ever wanted to really dazzle an audience with high-definition screens that showcase your brand? Video wall systems are one of the most in-demand AV technologies right now due to their versatility in a variety of environments. But sometimes these new and rapidly improving technological innovations can seem too complicated, and tech novices can feel a little left out of the changing 21st Century marketplace.

That’s why there’s a new wave in technology manufacturing right now that’s putting a focus on user-friendly and intuitive design. Even watching commercials or checking out your local electronics store will show you the direction the world is moving, as phones, computers, tablets, and AV technology are increasingly designed not just for tech-savvy geniuses, but for the average consumer with no technical training.

We live now in the era of technology, meaning almost everyone, from business owners to regular folks, relies on technology in almost every aspect of life. Many electronics companies are still figuring out how to make their products simpler for the average user, but others are already leading the

Benefits of LED Technology and the TIR Lens Manufacturing Process

unduhan (43)LED or Light Emitting Diodes have potentially replaced the traditional lighting source for its cost and size advantages. It was initially used as indicator lamps in a number of electronic devices. However, continuous development in LED technology had led to embrace this technology in all types of general lighting.

LEDs are extremely energy-efficient and can consume up to 90% less power than conventional fluorescent bulbs. As such they help to massively cut power costs. Because of low power usage, LEDs are becoming popular light sources in remote areas that use solar panels. LEDs also have long life of up to 60,000 hours compared to 1,500 hours for luminous bulbs. Moreover, they are durable and can withstand shock, vibration and extreme temperature. You can also improve safety by using LED since they produce 3.4 btu’s per hour compared to 85 for incandescent bulbs.

People are using LEDs in a variety of applications, including residential lighting, aerospace, architectural lighting, automotive, aviation, broadcasting, electronic instrumentation, entertainment and gaming, and more.

Especially in the micro-projection system, use of LED optics will increase over the years. It is because lighting uniformity

Why You Should Hire a Managed Service Provider

Managed_IT_ServicesA Managed Service Provider is a technology company that allows businesses to offload specific technology operations to them, instead of keeping that responsibility, and headache, in-house.

Sorry, I had to stop typing for a second to let out a colossal yawn.

Managed Services are not exciting. They’re not exciting to talk about or to think about, but that’s kind of the whole point of them. The day to day operations of your business’s technology shouldn’t be exciting. If it is exciting, it’s because something has broken and you’re tearing your hair out getting it running again.

So, essentially, a Managed Service Provider makes your life less exciting. I have personally been making people’s lives duller for over two decades now, so I can attest to that.

They also give you back some of your day, which you can spend (watching Netflix) growing your business.

Imagine all the free time you’d have if you weren’t (punching your laptop screen) fixing technology issues.

You could finally spend some quality time with your spouse. Or some exhausting time with

How Technology Is Changing the World of the Healthcare Industry

unduhan (42)Hospitals are tremendously multifaceted and dynamic organizations. Doctors, clinicians, staff, patients, and equipment are continuously moving, hospitals must comply with a variety of strict regulations and there are periods of high anxiety and life-and-death decisions. Simultaneously, there’s relentless pressure on hospital staff to lower costs while continuing to improve the level of patient care and fulfillment. In the current atmosphere, hospitals are gradually turning to wireless technologies to operate more efficiently, support patient care and develop the patient experience.

Technology solutions has been one of the leading drivers of healthcare and it is changing the way healthcare industry is running. Let’s catch up with some of the technology innovation which is playing the pivotal role in the Healthcare industry.

Digital Innovation

As the adoption of fitness trackers continues to surge, they’re becoming more known and handy within the healthcare sector. In linking and collaborating with smart devices, it’s the most precise and regular monitoring of individual health activity, that there has ever been. There’s increasingly more prospect for wearables to become more prevailing within the healthcare sector. From smart hearing aids, to advancements in biosensing technologies,

IT Managed Services Can Help Companies Keep Computer Systems Working Properly

10494803_mThere are many different types of things that are going to be important when considering the computer systems of any type of business. There will be a lot of different types of information that is going to be stored on these, including business plans and confidential information for employees. IT managed services are going to continually track what is going on with each system to ensure that everything is working smoothly.

The team will also be able to install programs and update the system when necessary. Many companies are using The Cloud for storage options. This is because it frees up storage space on their computer systems that they are currently using.

One problem with this is that they need to make sure that their systems are secure. This is something that can be hacked without anyone knowing about it. It is not something that should be taken lightly either.

This is why companies are hiring the IT managed services to help them to complete this. The companies are going to make sure that the computer systems

How to Travel in Space With New Technology

orbit_3513454bScientists have recently developed new ways to propel rockets and satellites into space. These methods do not require heavy fuels, and rely instead on solar power through the interaction of plasma that comes from our Sun and the extremely lightweight gas argon. The interaction is guided by the use of different levels of chambers and manipulated by the addition of extremely powerful magnets. At unbelievable temperatures touted at a million degrees, the gases are released at a rate powerful enough to propel rockets through our solar system.

With budget cuts to many programs including NASA and the new technology, the opportunities exist now to explore inner space. These opportunities are many, and include several types of commercial endeavors and as well as academic ones. Science can, and has, provide many answers to commercial concerns, and this is the latest one.

Start ups in the area of communications, be it cellular telephones or internet access for the most remote regions of the planet are now possible. Financially, the technology may still be out of reach for many, but with funding from

Development of Information Security in Dubai

infosecThe pace at which business sectors in Dubai have flourished has attracted many IT firms from across the globe to select Dubai as the headquarters. The growth of the IT industry in Dubai encouraged the foundation of Dubai Internet City and Dubai Silicon Oasis. Readily becoming a regional hub for Information Technology, it now provides services covering every element of the IT industry. However, as the industry grows, the information and statistics of organizations become more vulnerable to security threats; similar is the case of Dubai. Recently, the government of Dubai issued a law concerning the establishment of the new E-Security plan, the aim of which would to protect information and communication systems of the government and other important organizations.

Emerging Threats and Security planning in Dubai

A computer system containing the entire statistical and confidential information of an organization becomes immediately vulnerable to software attacks when the system offers slightest of security weaknesses. The increased commercial and communicational activities have encouraged the growth of cyber crimes that target government and other important organizations. Recently in Dubai the rate of

Hackers Work Through the Internet Companies

unduhan (41)As far as I can see from my limited online work, experience and presence online, the hackers, who are a bane to computers, work only through the internet companies and so there is no use in getting software changes to laptops as every laptop has an invisible inbuilt wireless antenna.

Mostly the net is through a wi fi purchased from a local internet company. Hence the exact use of this invisible wireless is lost for most of the public. In such a scene hackers use this invisible connection to the highest possible level through their own strong e-home systems or radio signals or GPS or anything I do not know much about.

The presence of this invisible antenna makes it possible for hackers to use power houses called strong wi fi connections to the detriment of hapless new laptop purchasers like myself for instance.

A neighbours computer wi fi e-home router connection can make the system a parent to one that is owned and situated in another’s home. Since cloud tech being used now in windows 8.1, the workings of boot X sometimes is a horrible

Tips to Finding the Best Data Center Cage Space

unduhan (40)Colocation has become a top choice for companies who are looking for a safe and secure way to protect their data. Companies need to consider what happens in the event of a disaster, the outcome of losing orders, customer information and private information. This can have a catastrophic effect on a business, costing them thousands or more in losses, not to mention the risk of losing customers due to poor performance.

As you can imagine, when your building burns down or you are faced with a computer disaster and you lose vital information, your customers are not concerned about what happened to you, they want to know where their products or orders are. You can’t expect your clients who are probably trying to operate their own companies effectively to be concerned about your data disaster. Therefore you need to be prepared and one of the options is a data center colocation cage space, but how do you choose the best match based on your particular needs?

The first thing you are going to want to focus on is the experience of the data center provider. There are

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud What You Need to Know

unduhan (39)The hybrid cloud has become a popular tool for thousands of companies that require different cloud solutions for different tasks. This type of cloud solution makes use of both public and private cloud for one organization. This means a company can use the public cloud for simple tasks such as their emails, yet use the private cloud for other projects, such as customer information, payment information and more.

There are a host of benefits to making use of hybrid cloud within your organization to help you achieve the best end results, improve productivity and ensure the highest level of customer service and support at all times.

The first and probably the most important benefit of the hybrid cloud is the price. This solution is highly cost effective and can help save customer thousands in the long run. Rather than paying high prices for various pieces for equipment, you get all your processing power and storage in one place making use of a variety of platforms, which are safe and secure, putting your mind at complete ease.

Another benefit which cannot be ignored is that the hybrid

Can Your Car Get Hacked

gettyimages-503939280That’s a question that most of us don’t think about. Today hacking your car is possible, though it hasn’t happened in the real world very often if ever. It has happened when researchers tested the electronics and communications in an auto.

When you sit back and think about this, the newer cars are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capable. Most modern cars have key fobs that remotely lock and unlock the car; some even have a remote start. Some auto manufacturers install Telematics that will collect and transmit data from your vehicle to a central computer server. This transmission or in car data storage can be hacked. Let’s list some of the items that might be hacked:

Telematics: As stated above this is the collection and transmission of your car data.

Door Locks: These are usually operated by using a key fob using an encrypted code that matches a code in your vehicle.

Smartphones: Most modern vehicles provide a way for you to connect your smartphone to your vehicle’s entertainment system. This would be a way to introduce

Investing In HP LTO 6 Tape Is Investing In The Future

unduhan (38)The great potential of tape technology is seen in the advancements that have led to the LTO-6 tape, as well as the advancements expected in future versions. Indeed, the continuous capacity increases in previous tape versions have led to such high capacities as 2.5 TB on LTO-6 cartridges. In other words, this is a storage device that has the capacity of storing well over 300 Blu-ray quality movies.

However, such massive capacity wouldn’t be of much help if the devices had low data rates. In this regard, the LTO cartridges have proven very useful due to high data rates that can be as much as 360 MB/sec. This is an incredibly useful aspect that greatly enhances the utility of a cartridge.

You might also realize that there is always a certain level of volatility in the technological world due to the short shelf-life of so many devices. Any new and incredibly useful device or technology could easily turn obsolete after sudden, major technological advancements. However, the continuous technological innovation in tape storage, based on a clearly defined roadmap, ensures that this form of storage would have great

Implications of Patents on Emerging Technologies Adoption


As the U.S. market is maturing and competition is intensifying, IT service providers are adopting new measures to find additional sources of revenue. They have invested heavily in next generation technologies for developing digital platforms. Some of these are using SMC (Social, Mobile and Cloud) technologies, Analytics, IoT (Internet of Things), and Composite interfaces (combining gesture, movement, facial and voice recognition). The offerings using emerging technologies are highly commoditized and aggressively marketed. Therefore, these are accessible to competitive scrutiny. As few leaders are holding high amount of patents, other service providers are vulnerable to potential litigations. Most of the IT service providers seem to be oblivious to the impending threat looming due to strategic lacuna in intellectual property protection.

2. Patents, Hype and Adoption

The development and adoption of an emerging technology follows a hype cycle. First generation products build-on laboratory experiments. They create huge expectations and media hype. Currently, most of the patenting activities are focused on this stage of life-cycle. Service providers are rushing to secure IPs, without any significant initiative for commercial success. So,

Factors To Consider When Designing A Smartphone App

Apps_istockphoto6Back then, the creative mobile apps designing company were only contracting the company expert and programming experts for innovative work of applications and for promoting them too. For smartphone, PC, as well as tablets that are coming in the business sector the necessity of building up the applications, is likewise getting expanded. Creating and promoting the applications for smartphone and tablets is an entirely progressive stage for any advancement product organizations.

Building up the applications for advanced cells can without a doubt put more innovative thoughts into presence. Numerous such portable working frameworks stages are accessible and are among the opposition with the web administration supplier are expanding step by step. Be that as it may, toward the end of it, purchasers are dependably in benefit. These application improvement specialists are giving us the complete arrangement of stunning applications for their customers everywhere in the world.

With that in mind, here are several factors you have to consider when developing a Smartphone App:

Variable to while planning a Smartphone App

Don’t simply port what you need to separate

IPTV Technology Back To Basics

howItWorksDo you want to watch your favorite TV channels without a satellite dish? If so, we have a great alternative for you: you can go for an IPTV box. If this is something new to you, IPTV is a technology that allows you to watch TV channels without installing a satellite dish. Many industries are using this technology in the here and now. Below we have shed some light on 5 points about this technology that will help you understand its uses and benefits.

Internet connection

IPTV requires an internet connection as the term stands for Internet Protocol television. Obviously, you will need an Android box to connect to your TV and to your internet router. Make sure your connection offers high speed or you won’t be able to stream HD channels.


This technology allows high level of adaptability, which may be beneficial as far as company branding goes. The interface gives you complete control over the customization of color selection and images. Whether you are a home user or a businessman, this option is

Cloud Computing for Storing and Accessing Data

unduhan (37)Cloud computing is a type of computing that relies on sharing resources rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications. To enable this sharing, cloud computing uses networks of large groups of servers with specialized connections to spread data across them. This shared IT infrastructure contains large pools of systems that are linked together. Often, virtualization techniques are used to maximize the power of cloud computing.

The cloud is also not same as having a dedicated network attached storage (NAS) hardware or server. Storing data on a home or office network does not count as utilizing the cloud.

Cloud computing is necessarily accessing your data or your programs over the Internet, or at the very least, have that data synchronized with other information over the Web.

Some of the benefits of having a cloud infrastructure and implementing cloud solutions are as follows:

Capital-expenditure Free

Cloud computing is cost effective. Businesses can simply “pay as you go” and enjoy a subscription-based model instead of incurring huge expenses on hardware. In addition, there are the advantages of less IT cares and concerns.

Stepping Into The World Of 3D Printing May Be Your Smartest Move Yet

unduhan (36)Ever considered starting your own 3D printing online business? Well maybe it’s time you did. This exciting new trend in advanced technology is quickly taking the world by storm and the more popular it becomes the more the demand for it will increase. Not surprisingly, with that demand comes a world of possibilities for talented IT professionals to make their mark.

Truly, the possibilities that 3D printing brings with it are nothing short of amazing. Of course they are also quite challenging, as the 3D printing process can be very intricate and complicated and may require specialized skill. Not a bonus for eager business owners who want to put it to use for themselves but a distinct advantage for IT professionals like yourself who have the know-how to help them use the specialized software, designs and equipment involved.

There are different types of 3D printing online-business-entities that you could start. The most obvious is one where you create and market your own 3D designs. This is particularly exciting for those who combine their flair for technology with a flair for the creative. It involves mastering CAD and

Showcasing the Potential of the Latest Technology

animation2Did you ever recognize how technologies present new trends in sustaining the system? The integration of different operational concepts must be distributed across the network. When operations are implemented in real-time the management of data can become compounded. Information access in real-time requires special treatment. The golden rule is that it should be simple yet precise in execution. Whatever expenditure you have made on the network should offer a good return. New technologies develop methodologies allowing the organization to maximize the network. You need an enhanced scope and new technologies proffer systematic solutions without any disruption.

How will you devise a seamless integration of different activities across the network? Initially you need to outline your requirement and evaluate how various access points across the network should be checked and maintained consistently. The benefit of devising strong parameters gives leverage to the administrator to effectively control the activities across the network. Safety is surely an important and fundamental requirement in developing a string of strong systems to support the network architecture. If your system is complex and the flow of